Stax.ai Documentation
The collaborative document management suite powered by AI
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Sort attachments & faxes

Stax gets your email attachments and faxes from your account, and sorts them into folders you create.

Stax is smart. It learns from where you put documents, and follows your lead.

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Identify urgent documents

Stax reads through your documents, and looks for key words or phrases that indicate a deadline or urgent intent.

If Stax thinks you need to get to a file or request urgently, it will notify you.

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Search within your files

Forgot the name of your document or where it's located? No problem!

When Stax processes your documents, it creates a searchable database. This means you can actually search through your scans and faxes!

Tutorial - Team setup

Follow this video tutorial that shows you how to set up your team on Stax.

Tutorial - Create stacks

This video tutorial shows you how to create new stacks from scratch and using a pre-trained model.

Tutorial - Invite coworkers

In this video, we show you how you can invite your coworkers to collabore with you.